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Edge Mechanical Systems, Inc. is a Manufacturers’ Representative for Commercial and Industrial HVAC, Energy Efficiency Improvement and Building Monitoring Products serving Colorado and Wyoming. Below you will find a list of the products that we currently represent.


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Air Flow Equipment
Air Flow Equipment (www.airflowequipment.com)
Highest quality custom air handling units serving the healthcare, laboratory, biotech, university, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor markets. True custom units for sizes, shapes, unit breakdown, performance, color, and material requirements. Factory wiring, controls, piping, and service vestibules are available. Unit sizes vary from 400 cfm custom fan coil units to 200,000+ cfm custom air handling units.

Composite Air Design
Composite Air Design (www.compositeairdesign.com)
Custom FRP air handling units complete with lifetime corrosion resistance warranty, superior thermal performance, weight and durability. No through metal construction, the most airtight assembly in the industry and is independently certified to meet all performance requirements of the HVAC industry.

Konvekta USA, Inc.
Konvekta USA, Inc. (www.konvekta-usa.com)
The technology leader in high efficiency energy recovery systems. Each system is custom designed to optimize annual performance and maximize energy savings. Applicable for both new construction and renovations. Typical annual heating and cooling energy savings of 65 – 90%. Performance and annual energy savings are financially guaranteed.

Mee Industries Inc.
Mee Industries - MeeFog (www.meefog.com)
High pressure, fogger type humidification and adiabatic cooling systems offering the lowest operational costs over all other system types. Industries include HVAC, industrial, agricultural, power generation, and special effects.

M.K.Plastics Corporation
M.K. Plastics Corporation (www.mkplastics.com)
Complete line of solid FRP fans, laboratory exhaust, emergency generator exhaust and perchloric exhaust systems. FRP fans include centrifugal, wall propeller, inline centrifugal, axial, and roof/wall dome centrifugal. Centrifugal fans range from 6" to 60" wheel diameters and up to 22" static pressure. Laboratory exhaust systems are available in FRP, coated steel, and stainless steel.

US Green Building Council Member

Spunstrand Spunstrand (www.spunstrand.com)
Commercial and industrial Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ductwork, dampers, tanks, and scrubbers serving the commercial underground duct and industrial waste water, chemical, laboratory, semiconductor, and corrosive industries. Custom, rectangular and round duct with filament wound ranging from 2" to 168". Zero leak dampers, balancing dampers, blast gates, double/triple wall insulated duct, including custom fittings, liners, colors, and materials.
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