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Edge Mechanical Systems, Inc. is a Manufacturers’ Representative for Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement and Specialty HVAC Products serving Colorado and Wyoming. Below you will find a list of the products that we currently represent.


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Accutrol (www.accutrolllc.com)
Innovative technologies for airflow control and airflow measurement serving critical environments such as Healthcare, Laboratories, Life Science, and Vivariums. Airflow control features extremely low air pressure drop, high turndown, fast speed of response, true airflow feedback with 3% NIST traceable system accuracy, no straight duct run requirements, mounts in any position, five year warranty, and native BACnet® controller. Fume hood controllers, face velocity & room pressure monitors compliment the system. Airflow measurement products for duct, fan inlet, and fan array with +/-2% sensor accuracy, drift-free, linear & digital measurement. The devices are not affected by temperature, humidity, altitude and are self cleaning. IAQ-Tek outdoor airflow measurement devices for low velocity and turbulent installations.

Ingenia Technologies
Ingenia (www.ingeniatechnologies.com)
The next generation air handling unit using robotics in manufacturing with 1/32” tolerances, infinite variable dimensions, true no-thru-metal design, <0.5% leakage rate at 15” WC, and R-value up to 26, all exceeding AHRI Standard 1350 for Mechanical Performance Rating of Central Station AHU Casings. Fan arrays using AC, EC, or PM motors. Automated powder coating and optional silver ion anti-microbial coatings. Unique sound attenuation on walls or ceiling. Unit materials from G90, AL, or SS in 2”, 2.5”, 3”, and 4” double wall and many gauge thicknesses. Units can be shipped in Knock Down construction for field assemble in retrofit applications with tight access.

Mee Industries Inc.
Mee Industries - MeeFog (www.meefog.com)
High pressure, fogging type humidification and adiabatic cooling systems offering the lowest operational costs over all other system types. Increase cooling energy recovery effectiveness in exhaust systems. Over 10,000 installations worldwide. Industries include HVAC, industrial, agricultural, power generation, and special effects.

US Green Building Council Member

Spunstrand Spunstrand (www.spunstrand.com)
Commercial and industrial Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ductwork, dampers, tanks, and scrubbers serving the commercial underground duct and industrial waste water, chemical, laboratory, semiconductor, and corrosive industries. Custom, rectangular and round duct with filament wound ranging from 4" to 168". Zero leak dampers, balancing dampers, blast gates, double/triple wall insulated duct, including custom fittings, liners, colors, and materials.
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